CBT-IRDC is unique for its focus on both sustainable tourism development and tourism benefits for communities. By combining those two aspects and by aiming on all countries in the AEC, the Center creates a unique mix on action research and development.  


1. The Center creates a balance between demands of tourists, the tourism industry and local communities. The main focus lies on tourism development in partnership, within a sustainable development framework, and with a wide range of benefits in communities. But we also focus on organizations involved in tourism, sustainable development and community benefits;
2. The Center focuses on a thorough action research agenda, measuring tourism impacts through new techniques, using a multi-disciplinary research approach, and linking academic researchers and development practitioners. It provides a strong tourism governance research agenda, a tourism development in partnership, with an aim to support sustainable development and a wide range of benefits for local communities;
3. The Center has a strong focus on exchange in the AEC and on innovation.