Community Benefits


In de different counties in the AEC, Community Based Tourism can be centered from a different focus but all aim for:

- Social empowerment (focus more on sustainable development);

- Participation of communities (focus more on CBT as a tourism product);

- Employment and income generation (focus more on economic development)


The consequences of these different angles are included in the research of the Centre to explore consequences for livelihoods in communities and destinations. CBT-IRDC takes a broad approach towards community benefits with a central focus on 

- Awareness and Empowerment;

- Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches;

- Measuring the impacts of the broad defined benefits


Within those characteristics cultural aspects of community benefits are included: Which benefits are benefiting whom in what way? Where are the edges of common goals and mutual understanding? How can understanding cultural differences and priorities influence both the success of initiatives, and how initiatives are judged successful? Do stakeholders agree to share a negotiated definition of success?