Sustainable Development


In Sustainable Development, a destination perspective is taken. Tourism development impact measurement is the main focus. Development outcome and impact in communities and destinations, and the way to measure benefits for communities will be central on the research agenda. Research will focus on an enabling policy environment for sustainable development of tourism in a destination. It will emphasize research with includes multi-stakeholder engagement. It will research ways multi-stakeholder collaboration function in different destinations in the AEC. It will emphasize participation processes of the different stakeholder groups in the destination, with particular attention to roles of communities in sustainable development of their surroundings.


The Centre will study positive and negative environmental, social and cultural consequences of tourism development in the destination, and will emphasize ways communities can benefit from an improved environment, and how they can support mitigating negative tourism and environmental impacts. Access and ownership of resources will be highlighted, and new approaches like Payment for Environmental Services (PES) and REDD will be studied to explore possibilities to understand tourism as a tool for sustainable use and community benefits in destinations. 


The Centre will not only focus on environmental impacts, but also highlights cultural engagements in communities and destinations. It studies the bottom up and top down interactions between human actors in the community and destination.