Tourism partnerships


Tourism is business. However, CBT is not only about developing the tourism industry, even not only destination development. It is about the whole governance, including multiple stakeholders, of sustainable development (including tourism) in a destination. Market demand and strategic marketing are important, but it is not only about demand. It is about the balance between tourism demand and supply, and who are all involved. It is looking at multiple level and sector partnerships. 


The applied research focuses on how tourism governance is performed in destinations, and how local communities can benefit from improved tourism governance, in these destinations. It will look in detail at the whole cycle of market and product development (opportunity analysis, feasibility studies), marketing, operation, monitoring, and benefit measuring, to see what stakeholders want, how the supply chains work for different partners and find a better understood, better negotiated, better compromise. In the research specific attention will be given to the engagement of the Private Sector.


Another important field for research in tourism development in partnership is value chain analysis and development (VCA&D) in destinations. The consequences of the VCA&D approach for community benefits, is researched by the center in the different AEC countries in the coming years.