Applied Research

The main thrust of the Center is action research on the complex relations between tourism, sustainable development and community-benefits. It involves research at several levels, from the international level to the local level and back. It includes stakeholders from government, private sector, and community organizations. 


All applied research is based on the main three major interrelated applied research areas: Tourism Development in Partnership, Sustainable Development and Community Benefits. The research can start in all three angles of the tourism markets-sustainable development-community benefits triad. 


The focus on applied research is based on tourism development in partnerships, with a special focus on Market Development, Marketing and Product Development. This is in balance with sustainable development, with an extra focus on environmental impacts. The applied research is related to the study of PES and Climate Change approaches, but is also in relation to socio- and culture impacts, focusing on relationships between stakeholders at the CBT site, in the tourism destination, and even wider. Community-Benefits focus on awareness and empowerment, value chain, sustainable livelihood approaches, and access and ownership of resources.


Within this triangle the research agenda of the Center emphasizes on three major aspects:

1. Development impact measurement 

2. Tourism governance and partnerships

3. Innovation and joint learning