Education & Lecturing

CBT-IRDC is unique for its focus on both sustainable tourism development and tourism benefits for communities. By combining those two aspects and by aiming on all countries in the AEC, the Center creates a unique mix on action research and development. 


At Payap University, CBT-IRDC provides education and training with the focus on two major areas: the regular BA tourism course, and the short (and longer) courses

The BA Tourism for AEC region course focuses on tourism, sustainable development and community benefits and had its successful start end 2012. 


Short courses

1. Community Based Tourism Facilitator Guide Training

For professional tour leaders and tour guides (in ASEAN Economic Community) - 4 days

2. Harnessing CBT for Sustainable Development: Project, Product, Market, Movement

Training of Trainers – in depth course for people with skills, funds, time to implement real development processes.

For trainers of NGOs, government officials in the ASEAN Economic Community – 5 days

3. Safety, Meaning, Service

Training of Trainer course for AEC

For government officials/NGO staff working with local community guides – 5 days 

4. CBT Training for Product and Operations Managers 

For TO product developers/managers in AEC - 5 days

5. CBT Market Access 

For TO product developers/managers in the AEC or for CBO's / NGOs - looking outside the box at all markets, not only tourism chains - 5 days

6. Adding Value to Responsible and Community based Tourism at the Front Line

tO salespeople in Thailand, region, EU - 5 days


Longer courses

1. Introduction CBT for exchange students

For international students  - 5 weeks 

2. Value Chain Analysis and Development in CBT

For government staff and NGOs in AEC - 10 days 

3. Multi-stakeholder Analysis and Development, benefiting communities in destinations - 

For government staff and NGOs in AEC - 10 days