Mission, Vision & Values

The Centre provides quality action research, capacity development, training courses and education to professional developers, planners and managers. The Center also serves as a platform to share experience (from academia, government, private sector, and development organization) through knowledge events to further the understanding and improving the development practice in tourism, sustainable development and community benefits.


The Center researches multi-stakeholder collaboration approaches of the private sector, government organizations and civil society organizations, with the overall aim to generate more local benefits from tourism and to contributes to environmental sustainability (including climate change) in destinations. The research needs to be useful (and important) in the GMS/ AEC region (and even wider in Asia). The Center intersects tourism studies, rural development studies, and business management studies. It should become an important knowledge center for tourism and sustainable regional development in the region.

The applied research program links tourism market development, tourism marketing and product development, with elements of sustainable development and tourism benefits for communities. Examples of sustainable development are mitigating environmental impacts, payment for environmental services and climate change. Tourism Benefits, for both women &  men, for minority groups, include increased awareness and empowerment in local planning and development, rights and access to resources and services; improved local value chain development; and secure sustainable livelihoods.

The education and training program includes Tourism Bachelor degrees for students from the AEC region, with a focus on sustainable development and community benefits. Short courses of one and two weeks for academics, mid and high-level government officials, NGO officers and private sector managers of the AEC region are also provided.

The Center emphasizes knowledge development and sharing. It organizes seminars and conferences in the AEC, and disseminate research findings in different forums, journals, and websites.